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Title: An Examination of the Character Achilles.

Date Submitted: 02/22/2001 04:40:59
Length: 3 pages (740 words)
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In Homer's The Iliad, the reader is introduced to a very famous warrior. He did not achieve this status easily, though. He is known to be barbaric and cruel, especially when he is angry. This warrior's name is Achilles. This essay will demonstrate the depths that his character will sink to just to gain revenge and soothe his injured pride. The Iliad centers around the Trojan War which was caused by Paris, the most handsome …

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…en goes as far as offering Priam food and a place to sleep for the night. Perhaps the western civilization was too quick to deem Achilles a hero. He was brutal, savage and insanely proud. Perhaps that would make him a hero, except that he shows no kindness towards anyone until the very end. Throughout the epic Achilles is mean, cruel and heartless. Now does hat really sound like the portrait of a true hero?

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